Company introduction
Wuhan Boaosi Precision Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on industrial robot application and devote on intelligent manufacture equipment. It was established in March, 2011 and located in the heart of central China-Wuhan. It owns a design team which has a lot of experience at robot application, visual checking, precision assembly, smart manufacture, logistic transportation and so on. It covers design, manufacturing and technical service, offering customers a full set of industrial robot solution.
Boaosi’s products are mainly involved in robotic transfer, robotic palletizing, robotic assembly, robotic polishing, robotic gluing, robotic welding, etc., widely applied in industry like automotive components, metal stamping, precision machining, injection casting, home appliance, food and drink. Robot application could greatly enhance production efficiency, lower labor force, decrease production cost and simplify management process, it is the only way to smart manufacture and flexible production.
Professional experienced robot team, advanced manufacture & testing method and modernized management idea have formed Boaosi’s core competitiveness in industrial robot application, making it the fresh force of “Made in China 2025”.
Boaosi Precision Automation (Kunsan) Co., Ltd. opened in 2018.

Staff style
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