Wuhan Boaosi Precision Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on industrial robot application and devote on intelligent manufacture equipment. It was established in March, 2011 and located in the heart of central China-Wuhan. It owns a design team which has a lot of experience at robot application, visual checking, precision assembly, smart manufacture, logistic transportation and so on. It covers design, manufacturing and technical service, offering customers a full set of industrial robot solution. 
  • International Sales
    Position requirement: 1.be able to develop new customer independently and maintain existing customers; 2.assist communiation between customers and engineers about technicalissues; 3. be able tohelp ons
  • LabView Engineer
    A LabView Engineer is responsible for the design and development of project application. He/She should have following qualifications , 1. Has education background in Communication, Electronics, Compute
  • Mechanical Engineer
    A Mechanical Engineer is responsible for, 1. Proposing deisgn solution according project specification, 2. Communication with customer about design review and design modification as needed, 3. Assistin
  • Electrician
    Requirements: 1. Collage gradutae about Electricain majior, at least 2-year working experience in automation industry, 2. Understand electrical schematics, and familair with the usage and wiring of sen
  • PLC Engineer
    Requirements: 1. Has education background on Electrical Control, Mechatronics or related, bachelor degree or equivalent, 2. More than 3-year related working experience, can read and speak in English, 3
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