• Robotic palletizing, becasue of its flexibility, is better than frame type palleting machine. It beco
  • To use robot to replace operator could lower safety risk and save cost, and it achieves whole day pro
  • Robot tightening system can control speed, angle and routine to satisfy different products demand. On
  • Comparing to traditional automatic equipment with vision system, robotic system could expand checking
  • Metal piece is usually big and heavy which is not suitable for human handling. Robot is with big payl
  • Robot has big payload and fast speed, if applied for wheel hub assembly, it could increase production
  • Robot is with large payload, fast speed and high precision, it could work continously for whole day.
  • Robot moves fast, it could complete work in a very short time. Dispensing gun or valve enusres gluing
  • Comparing to traditional engine line, robotic assembly is faster and more precise, it could eliminate
  • Robotic deburr system has a lot of advantages. It could increase work efficiency and decrease cost, w
  • The system could release operator from dangerous working environment and heavy workload, and it works
  • Glass transfer robot ensures production quality and rate and also eliminates operator safety risk. Mo
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