• The wndow regulaotr assembly line consists of four wokrstations, which is compaible for front and rea
  • This retractor seatbelt line consists of 9 workstations, detail process is as below picture, to achie
  • This buckle finishing assembly line consists of 11 workstations, detail process is as below, to achie
  • Wuhan Boaosi has rich experience at air leakage testing machine design and manufacturing.Leakage test
  • This machine consists of rotary table,manipulators,force sensor, travel sensor and other devices to i
  • Auto-tightening system could assist operator finish tightning process with error-proof jigs and tooli
  • Automatic gluing machine consists of EFD gluing valve, multi-workstation rotary table and three-axis
  • Vision detection system is applied for character recognition,color and shape identification,size meas
  • Wuhan Boaosi has a lot of experience at autmotive parts assembly.We have many sucessful cases for you
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